Wild and Free Reprint on Paper or Canvas

Wild and Free Reprint on Paper or Canvas

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The original of Wild and Free holds incredible intensity and energy.  Its my intention that this energy is transferred through to all prints representing the place this artwork was made from.


Printed on fine art 300gsm textured cotton rag with archival quality inks.  This is basically the best stuff so the intensity of the colour, the texture of the painting is displayed beautifully and lasts forever.

Note that the print size is the displayed size and it is shipped with 10cm white border surrounding it.  Its your choice whether you display with the white border or without.

50cm x 50cm print size.  Paper size is 60cm x 60cm.   

90cm x 90cm print size.  Paper size is 100cm x 100cm

Prints are wrapped in tissue paper and rolled in heavy duty tube for delivery.


Printed on 340gms poly cotton canvas, again with the good stuff, archival quality inks.   Designed to show the intensity and beauty of this painting forever (that means a bloody long time!!)

The canvas is printed and stretched onto a frame ready for hanging.

50cm x 50cm

90cm x 90cm